“Album Zero” now available in the United States!

“Album Zero” is now available for purchase both in physical and digital format directly through my website (with the help of Bandcamp). Just click on the Buy “Album Zero” in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen to preview and buy the album! 

It is also available worldwide on iTunes, and in Taiwan on KKBox 台灣, MyMusic, OMusic, and in Hong Kong at KKBOX 香港.

Some quotes about the album so far:
“Alex Pryrodny is a dynamic and passionate pianist with a great touch and sense of melody. He plays solo piano in a very heartfelt and elegant way, leaving lots of room for spontaneity – it’s always interesting to listen to his creative direction” – Taylor Eigsti, 2-time Grammy-nominated jazz pianist

以異鄉旅人的姿態,Alex Pryrodny花了點時間用音樂和台灣建立交情。「流浪到淡水」是他送給台灣的禮物,序奏中可聞蕭邦的浪漫,進主題的剎那卻出現了「亞細亞孤兒」般的似曾相識。是巧合?抑或是他隻身在外的鄉愁,順道勾起了我的鄉愁…?- 爵士音樂節達人,台北愛樂電台節目主持人/ 沈鴻元

從九○年代、千禧年一路走到現在,我們早已都成為老靈魂。人生的雪泥鴻爪、音樂的吉光片羽,爵士鋼琴家Alex Pryrodny為老靈魂的心情做了最好的註解;金門王與李炳輝的「流浪到淡水」、瑞典鋼琴手Esbjorn Svensson恢弘的即興獨奏、以及Björk的「Jóga」,由Alex Pryrodny細膩的琴音重新詮釋,娓娓道來,十足動人。-“爵士春秋”作者,”音響論壇”專欄主筆/ 孫秀蕙

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